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‘This is America’

This is in response to the letter by Ronald Wood of Malden, where he claims “socialism is misunderstood.” Well, we understand all about it, and we do not want it for our country. This is America. We do not want a government who is in control of everything. The Constitution states the power belongs to the people, not the government. They are our employees, and we pay their salaries. This business of taking from those that have and give to those that have not, does not and never will, work.

Now he states that — “Canada, with their socialist medical system (which costs much less than ours, but gets better results.” I suggest he talk with the many people who travel from Canada to the USA to receive health care. Our system may be costly, but we sure get good care.

He also complained about America is no long No. 1 in the world for standard of living. Look at our deficit. Take note of how many are out of work, the number receiving welfare and/or food stamps. Of course, our standard of living is down. We need jobs, and we need to get our country back to work.

The train is moving in the wrong direction. We need to get America back on the right track and in the direction of prosperity. This is America, and she can be great once again. I am proud to be part of a “free” America. Long may our flag fly showing to all that it stands for freedom.

Shirley Peterson



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