Senior Spotlight — Jacquie Wallaert

Name: Jacquie Wallaert.

Nickname: “Jac.:

School: Hall High School.

Date/Place of birth: Dec. 11, 1994, in Princeton.

Hometown: Cherry.

Family: Mom, Lori; Dad, Mike; sisters, Katie, Lindsay and Chelsea.

Sports: Cross country, basketball, track and cheerleading.

Favorite sport and why: Track. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s the best feeling when I do well at a meet.

Favorite food and where to get it: Chicken Oscar from JT’s Bar and Grill.

Likes: Candy, fashion.

Dislikes: When people chew loudly.

Person with the greatest influence on my athletic career: My dad. He was my basketball coach throughout all of grade school and taught me how to be a good sport and that hard work pays off in the end.

Person with the greatest influence on my life: My dad as well. He always encourages me to do the best I can in everything I do.

If stranded on a deserted island, I would have to have my: family.

The CD in my player at home/car is: Taylor Swift.

People would be surprised to know that: I’m actually very outgoing.

I stay home to watch: Glee.

When I need luck for a big game, I: wear my lucky headband.

The funniest person I’ve ever met: Nicki Ernat. She never fails to make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in.

What they’ll say about me at school after I graduate: I was voted best looking in my class.

Most embarrassing moment: When the whole cafeteria sang happy birthday to me my freshman year.

Most unforgettable moment: Winning homecoming queen.

Ultimate sports fantasy: Winning a medal my senior year at the state track meet.

What I would like to do in life: Go to school for fashion design or cosmetology.

Three words that best describe me: Caring, soft spoken and athletic.