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Another war worth talking about

Our government likes to declare "war" on things that seem to be socially unacceptable. The latest is the "war against gun violence." It is easy to gain support for such a war; the poster children are the 20 beautiful faces of the children whose lives were senselessly ended in the Connecticut school shooting. The horrible images are so ingrained in our minds that our hearts will be forever touched.

We easily become upset with this type of tragedy. The relentless media coverage provided us with a permanent visual. Our president added to the sentiment by stating these children will never celebrate another birthday, another holiday, or see their graduation or wedding days. We were moved and agreed with the statement of "Not in America" or "Stop the Violence."

Yet every day, ignored by the media, condoned by our president, and supported by our tax dollars, thousands of beautiful little children loose their lives through the violent act of abortion. Our media has yet to show just one of their beautiful faces or report on the discarded and dismembered bodies of the more than 55 million innocent human lives that have been lost to abortion in America. These children, also, will never celebrate a birthday or holiday, graduation or wedding day. Their stories go untold. Why have so many in our nation grown complacent? How can we deny the reality of this violence? Yet, we don't shed a tear or hold special legislative session to protect them. Where is their "war;" don't they deserve better? They were young Americans too. Why do we consider death the acceptable cure for being unplanned, unwanted or imperfect?

Not until we have all seen their faces. Not until we have viewed their broken bodies, and not until our hearts are moved to mourn our great loss, will we declare war on our nation's biggest killer, the true war against men and women and their bodies, hearts and souls, the "War on Abortion."

Rita Tracey



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