Marriage licenses, divorces

The following information was collected at the Bureau County Courthouse:

Marriage licenses

Armando A. Aragon-Barajas of DePue to Maria D.J. Solorio of DePue.

Christopher B. Mecum of Princeton to Brittany M. Elders-McIntyre of Princeton.

Aaron M. Hubbard of Princeton to Katie L. Quaka of Princeton.

Adrian J. Shan of LaSalle to Hailey T. Rossetto of LaSalle.


Skee L. Hartmann of Princeton and Courtney R. (Dickinson) Hartmann of Princeton; married Oct. 4, 2003; divorced Jan. 28, 2013.

Allen E. Jenkins of Princeton and Bobbi J. (Hoops) Jenkins of Galva; married May 3, 1996; divorced Jan. 23, 2013.