Senior Spotlight — Logan Bima

Name: Logan Bima.

Nickname(s): Beem, Beems, Beemer.

School: St. Bede Academy.

Date/Place of birth: Dec. 26, 1994, at St. Margaret’s Hospital in Spring Valley.

Hometown: Princeton.

Family: Dad - Bob; mom - Lynette; sister - Hanna.

Sports: Baseball, basketball.

Favorite sport: Baseball, it’s just as much mental as it is physical.

Favorite food and where to get it: Cheeseburger from the Burger Barge in East Peoria.

Likes: Having fun, puns, being with friends, jokes.

Dislikes: Waiting for long periods of time, homework, getting up early.

Person with the greatest influence on my athletic career and why: My dad, he’s always there to congratulate me when I do something right and explain it so I don’t do it wrong. He’s always pushed me to give 100 percent.

Person with the greatest influence on my life: My parents. My mom always encourages me no matter what I do, and she supports me. My dad makes my laugh and gives me good advice on life.

If stranded on a deserted island, I would have to have my: Phone.

The CD in my player at home/car is: My iPod.

People would be surprised to know that: I was shot this year while packing a bag in my room.

I stay home to watch: “24” and “Breaking Bad.”

When I need luck for a big game, I: Take extra opportunities to warm up.

The funniest person I’ve ever met: Joey Pyszka, he has great punchlines; it’s hard to look at him and keep a straight face.

What they’ll say about me at school after I graduate: He tried to make the best out of everything.

Most embarrassing moment: Falling down the stairs at school.

Most unforgettable moment: Hitting for the cycle my freshman year.

Ultimate sports fantasy: Play professional baseball.

What I would like to do in life: Become a physician’s assistant.

Three words that best describe me: Fun, caring, passionate.