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Choices and consequences


The new school debate going on within and around the five communities in the Hall High School District is of great interest to me. Hall High School was a very important part of our family’s journey. It was not all “peaches and cream,” but having experienced firsthand the value of a community that supported their school and students made the tough times minimal when compared to the good times. Hall High School was a great place for the Bryants.

I still believe Hall High School is great place to have your children experience the challenges of a secondary education. The issue now is what would be the best road to take in order to continue the tradition of providing the best education possible for students of District 503. The answer is clear. Your school board has done their homework and made the best decision. They aren’t asking you to pass this referendum because it’s the easiest solution. They want everyone to vote yes because it’s the best solution. Your school board and administration know better than anyone what would be best in the long term for the students and the community. I was amused by the recent attack on Jack Boroski. This guy has dedicated a major portion of his life to the Hall High School Family. If anyone knows what is best for the community (taxpayers, included), it would be Jack Boroski. This issue is a lot more than a vote for education but also a huge vote for the positive development of the five communities that will benefit from having a new school. A yes vote on April 9 will also be a positive move in the area of population growth and business growth of the whole district. I would guess every community leader in all five communities would like to see a new school because of the positive message it sends to families and businesses that are looking for a place to locate in the area.

The community of Mendota faced a similar situation a few years ago. They found a way to do what was best for their community.

Life is full of choices and consequences. I still have a strong warm feeling about the community support that has always been a vital part of a vibrant and successful Hall High School. There will not be a better time to build this new school. If you own a $260,000 home, it will cost you $2.29 a day, less than one can of beer. A can of beer a day is suppose to be good for you. If you own a $100,000 dollar home, it would be $.77 a day, less than an apple a day which is also good for you. If you build a new $32,000,000 school. it will cost the district $2,922.37 a day, a cost that will never be cheaper, and it will be good for everyone!

Make the smart choice and minimize the consequences.

Our home in DePue has a market value of less than $100,000. April 10th, the day after the referendum passes, I will deliver a check for $282.65 and another in April for the next 29 years. At present assessment, we will have seven grandkids attending HHS.


Eric C. Bryant


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