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Repairing what is wrong

St. Francis was born more than 800 years ago and was not liked by his father who was a textile merchant. One must read about St. Francis of Assisi and learn how he began the Franciscans.

At the outskirts of Assisi was St. Damian Church, which was crumbling down. There were holes in the walls and in the roof, however, over the altar was a wooden crucifix with a pair of extraordinarily humble and tender eyes and Francis passed hours gazing at that crucifix.

One day he had the clear impression the lips were moving. He heard a voice say, “Francis, repair my house, You can see it is all in ruins.” Francis repaired St. Damian Church stone by stone.

I can’t think of a better Pope than Francis I. If St. Francis repaired St. Damian Church in Assisi, then I hope and pray that Pope Francis I is what we need to repair what is wrong with the problems that afflict the Catholic church.

Will he become a real Franciscon? Only time will tell.

Carlo Olivero



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