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This, that ... and the odder

Our family enjoys watching a show called “Good Luck Charlie.” There is this one particular episode when the Dad in the show has to go to a bug exterminator convention and dresses up like a giant bug. Recently my dad went to a Illinois Asphalt Roadwork Convention. My mom was telling my sister, Faustina, that Dad was going to go away overnight to a convention for his work. Faustina started thinking about it and then asked, “Is Dad going to dress up like a yellow line?”


My brother, Simeon, is totally crazy about food; if anyone mentions something that sounds slightly appealing to him, he will start shaking and smiling with the thought of eating it. He also is obsessive about things, and when he has something on his mind, he can think of nothing else. The other day he was making an apple pie. So, I was half awake early one morning and kept hearing someone quietly pacing on the stairs. After listening to it for about 10 minutes, I gave up and got out of bed. I was greeted with a giant smile and a trembling hug. Simeon had been waiting for me to wake up, so he could tell me that today was the day he was making his apple pie. By the way, it was delicious.


Milo and Simeon decided they wanted to go canoeing the other day. They went to the barn, got out the canoe and dragged it into the field! It was when all the fields in the area were full of water, and they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have fun. They had their choice of a north, east or west lake. The south one was in someone else’s field. About an hour later, they came in sopping wet, super muddy and full of joy. Check out the photo I submitted to the BCR of their fun on the back page of today’s newspaper.


Many funny things happen at the cafe where I work. One being the ongoing salad dressing saga. It usually involves the blue cheese. Most of the time our blue cheese is really chunky, but it is homemade, so it varies on who made it that day. We had specially made a big cap for the bottle so the cheese wouldn’t get stuck. The blue cheese was very runny one day, and a customer came over to me with a plate full of dressing and said she had tried to use the blue cheese, but it just came pouring out. It was all over the ground and the salad bar’s glass. She luckily managed to stay clean. I felt so bad for her and immediately went to get her a new plate. I also changed the cap to one with a smaller opening. About a week later, I guess we had really chunky blue cheese again, and another customer was trying to use it but was having difficulty. So I went over to see if I could help her; there was a big chunk of blue cheese stuck in the top. She was squeezing the bottle, and it popped out, and blue cheese splattered everywhere. We both got blue cheese all over us. Thankfully she saw the humor in the situation and wasn’t mad. By the way, we have a new system for the dressing, and I promise no messes are involved.


I want to wish a Happy Birthday to a special little guy named Travis at Lincoln School in Princeton. He turned 10 on March 19. Travis loves pizza, the color red and going to school every day. We could all learn a lot from him about enjoying each day. 


There is always something hilarious being said at our house from one of my siblings. I am going to try and include a quote each time and I will call it the Bystry Quote of the Day. This one is the first.  Faustina told my mom the other day: “If women go to beauty shops, then men should go to handsome shops.”

Amelia Bystry, 14, resides in rural Princeton. You can contact Amelia at.amelia_bystry@yahoo.com.

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