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We’ve all heard the saying, “Green with envy.” I know this is going to throw you now because I’m fairly sure you wouldn’t expect me to quote Shakespeare, however, I’ve recently learned the saying “green with envy,” probably comes from some of Shakespeare’s writing where he uses the color green to describe jealousy in a few of his works.

For example, in “Othello,” Lago refers to the “green-eyed monster.” In “Anthony and Cleopatra,” Shakespeare wrote of the “green sickness” — meaning jealousy. In “Merchant of Venice,” Shakespeare even used the term “green-eyed jealousy.”

That being said, I’m usually not the jealous type, but I have to admit green is probably my favorite color ... and this time of year sure doesn’t disappoint those of us who always go for the green crayon in the Crayola box either. Have you noticed? Seemingly overnight, our environment has turned the prettiest shade of green — just like that crayon that lives inside the box. It’s beautiful. I hope you’ve noticed.

Keep your eyes open. Spring offers a myriad of surprises for each one of us — not to mention the opportunity for many second chances. It’s a great time to get out your camera and capture the season. Don’t forget to send us your spring photos, so we can use them on our back page. Send your photos and information about who/what is in the photo to BCR Copy Editor Terry Himes at


It’s difficult to believe we’re already in the middle of April, which translates to warmer weather (hopefully), which also translates to a mountain of special events and activities going on throughout the county. The BCR — your hometown newspaper — is always happy to help you let others know about those special events you’re planning. Send your press releases for your special activities to


Can you help? In working on our upcoming summer edition of Illinois Valley Living, we’re looking for a few people to help us out with some stories. Right now, we’re searching for the following people:

• Someone who has a train or railroad memorabilia collection.

• Someone who has a kite collection, who builds kites or who flies kites every time a breeze blows into the area.

• Someone who enjoys roughing it — in other words, someone or a family who camps in a tent a lot throughout the summer, cooks over an open fire and enjoys the outdoors in its simplest form. (Camping to me is the Embassy Suites, so if you’re like me, this one isn’t for you! Ha!)

If you or someone you know can help us with the aforementioned stories, give me a call at 815-875-4461, ext. 229, or email me at


A special congratulations is in order for all those candidates who were part of last week’s election. If you noticed, I didn’t say “all those candidates who won.” Deciding to throw one’s hat in the proverbial election ring is a difficult choice, and one, I’m sure, that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I applaud everyone who wants to serve for the right reasons. While there will always be winners and losers in an election, my hat is off to anyone who is committed to serving the public.


Saturday is Earth Day — a time to think about this planet we share and do what we can to make sure we respect our environment. Do you recycle? Do you pick up trash when you see it? Do you make the Earth a better place? We all owe it to Planet Earth to be the best steward of our globe we can possibly be. Check out Earth Day online to find out what you can do to personally help.


There’s just something about spring that stirs one’s soul. While I know it’s a busy time, I hope you set aside a few hours every week to enjoy this precious season — and do it with family and friends. And remember — you are important to me and the BCR.

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