Logan Junior High School’s ‘Best Cookie’ competition winners

PRINCETON — Logan Junior High School eighth-grade social studies classes competed in the “Best Cookie” competition on March 21. This was the culminating activity for an economic unit that had students taking roles as CEO, CFOs, design specialists and marketing managers. Each team named their company, designed a cookie unique to the current market and created a business plan to market the cookie.

Companies discussed risks, potential profit and opportunity costs related to the design, development and marketing of their product. Each company was encouraged to enter the competition, utilizing their design skills, marketing skills and putting their business plan into action. It was a great opportunity for students to put economic terms required by common core standards to use in a real life situation.

The first-place winners, with the company name of Peanut Butter Bowl, naming their cookie DM2, were Dallas Dellinger, CEO; Madalyn Robbins, design specialist; Devyn Strazalka, marketing manager; and Meghan Duffin, CFO.

Second-place winners, with the company name of United Cookie Corporation, naming their cookie Nitro Cookie, were Kiara Tate, CFO; Colin Pierson, design specialist; Dmitri Bruchman, CEO; and Aaron Sears, marketing manager.

Third-place winners, with the company name of Velveteers, naming their cookie Velvet Cake Balls, were Brent Loftus, CEO; Zach Tuft, CFO; Rachel Barnett, design specialist; and Zach Hassler, marketing manager.