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BJHS honors students

Students honored for girls track were (front row, left) McKenzie Coleman and Kaitlin Vainowski; and (back row) Brianna Endress, Savannah Wall, Jenna Ehnle, Ashley Estes and Emma Slichenmyer.
Students honored for boys track were (from left) Scott Weir, Colby Wall, Corbin Walsh, Landen Hoffert, Brock Stotler and Mike Perez.
Students honored for boys basketball were (front row, left) Jared Code, Scott Weir, Tucker Hartz, Colby Wall and Corbin Walsh; and (back row) Ethan Scott, Jarred Stevens, Brock Stotler, Robert Rouse, Todd Reay, Mike Perez, and Joe Bennett.
Students honored for girls basketball were (front row, left) Sam Weir, Emma Slichenmyer and Abby Stotler; and (back row) Delaney Johnston, Brianna Endress, Savannah Wall, Jenna Ehnle, Laura Rouse, Ashley Estes and Kendra Selby.
Angela Stange was recognized for her 22 years as Bradford Junior High’s Scholastic Bowl Coach. She is retiring at the end of this school year. Pictured are (from left) Brianna Endress, April Atkins, Kendra Selby, Todd Reay, Angela Stange and Jared Code.
Cheerleaders honored were (front row, left) April Atkins, Sam Weir and McKenna Birkett; and (back row) Natasha Mueller, Brianna Endress, Emma Slichenmyer, Jessica Wright and Kendra Selby.
Students honored for volleyball were (front row, left) Delaney Kazubowski, Kaitlin Vainowski and Jessica Sear; and (back row) Sam Weir, Delaney Johnston, Brianna Endress, Jenna Ehnle, Laura Rouse, Emma Slichenmyer, and Jessica Wright.

BRADFORD — Bradford Junior High School students were honored May 14 for their accomplishments during the 2012-2013 school year. Those receiving recognition were as follows:

Seventh- and eighth-grade volleyball: Most Improved - Delaney Johnston and Sam Weir; Most Valuable - Emma Slichenmyer and Brianna Endress; Coaches Award - Delaney Kazubowski and Jenna Ehnle; Panther Hustle - Jessica Sears and Laura Rouse.

Fifth- and sixth-grade volleyball: Most Improved - Kaitlin Vainowski; Most Valuable - McKenzie Coleman; Coaches Award - Jessica Wright.

Seventh- and eighth-grade boys basketball: Most Improved - Ethan Scott and Todd Reay; Most Valuable - Robert Rouse and Brock Stotler; Coaches Award - Michael Perez and Gavin Smith; Panther Hustle - Joe Bennett and C.J. Piper; Best Offense - Jarred Stevens and Jared Code; Best Defense - Corbin Walsh and Dalton Hancher.

Fifth- and sixth-grade boys basketball: Most Improved - Colby Wall; Most Valuable - Tucker Hartz; Coaches Award - Zach Piper.

Seventh- and eighth-grade girls Basketball: Most Improved - Kendra Selby and Sam Weir; Most Valuable -Delaney Johnston and Brianna Endress; Coaches Award - Ashley Estes and Alissa Johnson; Panther Hustle - Brittney Stoner and Jenna Ehnle; Best Offense - Abby Stotler and Laura Rouse; and Best Defense - Emma Slichenmyer and Sam Wall.

Fifth- and sixth-grad girls basketball: Most Improved - Tiffany Durbin; Most Valuable - Natalie Murphy; Coaches Award - Cheyanne Bennett.

Seventh-grade cheerleading: All-Around Athlete - Emma Slichenmyer; Best Team Player - Kendra Selby; Most Team Spirit - McKenna Birkett; and Most Improved - Jessica Wright.

Eighth-grade cheerleading: All-Around Athlete - Natasha Mueller; Best Team Player: Brianna Endress; Most Team Spirit: April Atkins; and Most Improved - Sam Weir.

Girls track: Most Improved - Kaitlin Vainowski and the 4x200 relay of Jenna Ehnle, Savannah Wall, Hannah Dries, and Brianna Endress; Most Valuable - Emma Slichenmyer and Savannah Wall; Coaches Award - McKenzie Coleman and Ashley Estes.

Boys track: Most Improved - Scott Weir and Landen Hoffert; Most Valuable - Corbin Walsh and Michael Perez; and Coaches Award - Colby Wall and Brock Stotler.

Scholastic Bowl: Most toss-ups - Jared Code; Captain - Jared Code; Scholastic Spirit - Jared Code; Most Improved - Kendra Selby; General Information -Todd Reay; Math - Dalton Hancher; Language Arts - April Atkins; Science - Kendra Selby; Social Studies - Brianna Endress.


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