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DePue dives into sewer back-up issues

DEPUE – The flooding caused by heavy April rains left several Bureau County residents with sewage backup floating in their basements. The issue has prompted several village boards, including DePue, to begin investigating ways to solve the issues causing the back up.

At this week’s village board meeting, DePue Trustee Dan Hoffert brought up the idea of purchasing a $6,570 flow meter, which would be used to measure water flow in the sewer pipes at given times of the day. Hoffert believes the flow meter will help narrow down or target problem locations in the piping that either need to be repaired or rerouted to allow better flow.

After the meeting, Hoffert said some villages rent out neighboring communities’ flow meters, however, when flooding occurs in all communities, available flood meters are hard to come by. This is a major reason why Hoffert believes the village would benefit from owning their own flow meter.

At the meeting, Mayor Eric Bryant questioned whether a flow meter would be more efficient than hiring a company to come in with a camera to film inside the sewer pipes to get a better look at what may be the issue in the piping.

Hoffert’s issue with using a camera is the cost. He said companies charge about .50 cents to a dollar per foot to run a camera through the piping.

This could easily get expensive, especially when the village doesn’t know an exact location of where their piping problem exists.

Running a camera through several feet of piping adds up fast, he said. Using the flow meter will better pinpoint the area that needs to be assessed.

Bryant wanted to get more information on flow meter before approving to purchase one. The board tabled the decision to purchase the equipment.

In other news, the board:

• Agreed to pay Gasvoda of Calumet City $6,619  to make repairs to the White City lift station.

• Amended a village ordinance to accommodate service animals not otherwise recognized as house pets.

• Approved a 3 percent raise to all village employees.

• Agreed to spend $175 to purchase a full-page advertisement for the APBA Boat Races program.

• Approved an intergovernment agreement with Selby Township. Bryant said Selby Township Highway Commissioner George Glover and village Superintendent of Public Works Bruce Yuvan are working together to finds ways they can help each other out.

• Approved a $200 donation to Cops for Cancer.

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