Illinois Valley Junior Golf Championship held

SPRING VALLEY — Illinois Valley Junior Golf Championship was held July 30 at Spring Creek Golf Course.

Overall champions were Jake Kennedy with a 36 and Aiko Mendoza with a 57. The boys 18-hole tournament was shortened to nine holes due to weather.

In the boys 6-8 division, Logan Potthoff won with a 26. Jonathan Cooper won the 9-11 boys division with a 39 followed by Nathan Potthoff with a 42.

In the boys 12-13 division, Grant Maschal won with a 37 followed by John Potthoff with a 43.

In the boys 14-15 division, Jake Kennedy won with a 36 followed by Colby Robbins with a 41.

In the boys 16-18 division, Ryan Ott won with a 42, edging out Griffin Kozeal with a 43.

In the girls 6-8 division, Aleanna Mendoza won with a 36.

In the girls 9-11 division, Ali Ciucci won with a 46 followed by Gracie Ciucci with a 57.

In the girls 12-13 division, Kelli Kennedy won with a 51.

In the girls 14-18 division, Aiko Mendoza shot a 57 on nine holes from the red tees.