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Nita Wyatt

The ‘I’ crowd

Are you the proud owner of any of the “I” things? You know what I mean, I-Pod, I-Phone, I-Pad, etc. 

I joined the “I” crowd last Christmas when my husband’s gift to me was an iPod Shuffle. Do you know what that is? It is a slightly bigger than a postage stamp-size music player. There is a whole family of iPods including the Nano, the Shuffle and the Touch. Not to reveal my daughter’s age, but she grew up in the age of the Sony Walkman with a cassette tape and earphones. The only thing the iPod Shuffle has in common with the Sony Walkman is the earphones.

This little device is pretty amazing. I connect it to my computer and BOOM! My computer knows it is there and calls it “Nita’s iPod.” Now, how does my computer know it is my iPod?

I know, I know, every device attached to a computer has something called an “IP Address.” There it is again; something else beginning with “I”. Personally, I prefer to think that my laptop computer and I are in perfect harmony, and therefore my laptop knows everything that is mine. Don’t say it; I know I am a little weird.

My next adventure into the “I” phenomenon, was to purchase an “I”Phone 4S last March. I have had many cell phones throughout the years, starting with the “bag” phone, a phone bigger than my purse that I could carry in my car and, if a signal could be found, and I was within the non-roaming area of my home, I could make a phone call and check on my daughter. That phone call, I believe, cost me a few dollars on top of the monthly fee that I paid.

Now, I carry around my iPhone like an appendage to my arm. I am in love with this phone — it is a mini-computer, camera, typewriter, and occasionally, a telephone. The phone even has a built in lady that will talk to me and answer questions. It will make and receive phone calls, but that seems to be secondary to texting, checking the weather, recording my golfing scores and providing access to Facebook on-the-go. All-in-all, this little gadget is a wonder. How did I ever make it through the day without it? How did I make it through life without checking Facebook and checking my email 20 times a day? If I don’t know have my iPhone, will I be OK? I’m not sure — I’m not willing to find out.

My most recent addition to my “I” devices, was the purchase of an iPad. Now, this little electronic, touchscreen, put-in-my purse size computer is the best thing since pizza delivered to your door! The first computer I ever used extensively was a very small MacIntosh computer with a screen just larger than an index card, and the only thing actually portable about it was that you could pick it up and carry it to any available electrical outlet. I thought that Mac was pretty amazing but this iPad is more than amazing. Not comfortable using the “mouse” attached to many computers? Don’t worry, you run an iPad with your index finger or any other finger you choose.

Until my foray into the “I” world, I was not sure what an “app” was. As with many words used in computer jargon, the word it represents has just been shortened, “app” is probably short for application. But, I was thinking the other day, that “app” could also be short for appliance. You know, like the appliances you have in your kitchen. Those appliances help you do many—cooking, heating, refrigerating, toasting, etc.  I have “apps” that help me do many things. I have an app for Facebook, an app for free magazines, an app for the weather, an app for a golf-themed solitaire game, an app for my library of books, an app for ... Well, you get the idea; there is an app for pretty much EVERYTHING! Need I say more? This little electronic genius is my new best friend— right up there with my iPhone!!

IPod, iPhone, iPad, I take them everywhere.  I take them in my car and they connect to my car’s audio system.  I take them out on my deck and they connect to a cordless speaker, and I play music. I take them on vacation and stay connected to family and friends. I, I, I, what’s next in the “I” world? I’m sure we will find out in the coming years whether it be additional “I” devices or others. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what’s next. I am definitely a member of the “I” crowd!

Nita Wyatt of Wyanet can be reached at golfingfor2@ymail.com.

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