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High school + free time = hanging out with friends

I’ve always been a pretty social person, and I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I’ve always had a lot of friends at school. Sometimes they may not be perfect, but they are always pretty fun!

I’ve recently been spending more time with my neighbor and her friend, and hanging out with them. We usually play a game like 5-Second-Rule, and maybe turn on a movie and eat some snacks. Trust me, the games get a little radical when they get going! But I feel like once you get into high school (I’m a freshman now), I have a lot more free time in school, and you start to feel the pressures of maturity — like being able to go to other people’s houses longer or stay out later. It gets even weirder when your brother gets to drive! But I’m going to compare the past of me hanging out to now!

In third grade, I had these things called “Family Fun Nights.” I invited all my friends over, and I arranged games for us to play. And sometimes I had my mom judge them, and the winner got a prize from somewhere like Dollar Tree. I one time had a dancing contest, and I just completely went random! I won my own prize! But other times my mom made lots of snacks, and we ate them all and drew on the sidewalk! I used to even pretend our backyard was a mall with a friend of mine! We put stones in the ground and made a little sidewalk and everything! It was quite legit. Then we made our little stand and sold candy to our friends. Then I had lemonade stands with my brother and other neighbor. We made the best lemonade ever! We have a secret recipe! One time during the Hatzer Nordstrom sale in Annawan, we made $20 from our little joint on Pritchard Street. But a lot of my friends still know that we make the best lemonade of the best. That wraps up a good chunk of hanging out when I was younger.

More recently I started to hang out at my neighbor’s house or she and her friend come to my clubhouse! We watched “Monster’s, Inc.” last week, and she cried, I still think that was a bit pathetic ... But anyway, we always eat a lot. And I mean a lot. Just give us a bag of barbecue Lay’s chips and two minutes ... it’s gone!

One time she stole my phone and dumped the pitcher of water we had on me! We even had a shaving cream fight one time! Still, to this day, I didn’t really see a point to it, but we just sprayed each other with shaving cream. Did you know it burns when it’s on your face for a long time. I could go on and one, but this is how I’ve been hanging out recently ... now that I’m in high school and all.

Hanging out with friends is fun to me! It’s nice to just chill out and go crazy! Everyone needs to once in a while!

Kyle Davis, 14, is a freshman at Annawan High School. He can be reached at thedavis4@mchsi.com.

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