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Questions about Hall’s performance

I would like to thank Superintendent Michael Struna for being candid and forthright about the “unacceptable” educational product that is being produced at Hall High School. You may hear other school officials duck and cover from their results, blaming the methodology of the survey, which by most accounts was not perfect.

As I think about the situation at Hall, many questions come to mind including: Who is to blame? Is it the superintendent, the board, the teachers, the union, and or the Hall Township community at large? Is this somebody else’s problem, or is it, in fact, everyone’s problem? If you have young children here, and you would like them to be prepared for the world, should you be saving money to pay for tuition at a private school? Do we need more private school choices? If you have children in the school right now, and you would like them to be prepared for the world, what can you do right now? If you are a potential new business or a potential new resident to Hall Township, and you think education is important, should you be looking elsewhere? Of the kids who do make it out of Hall High School and maybe get to IVCC, how many of those families will have to spend their first tuition dollars on “remedial” classes because their children have prepared in an admittedly “unacceptable” educational environment? How many of the people who wrote letters to the editor in support of raising property taxes for new bricks and mortar are willing to be a part of the solution? How many of the 600 people who lent their names to a newspaper ad or of the 1,300 “yes” voters think that a 21st Century building should not have a 20th Century curriculum and are willing to stand up to say so?

With 14 million Americans unemployed, and 3 million jobs unfilled because there are not enough smart people to work them, what does this say about wide sections of our American public schools? Of the regions where schools and education are succeeding, what programs are they doing there that can be copied here?

J. Burt

Spring Valley


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