Wrapping up the year in Buda

Mayor, board discuss a variety of topics

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013 4:15 p.m. CDT

BUDA — The Buda Village Board wrapped up its last meeting of the year Monday night by offering to sell the village’s old snow plow truck to the highest bidder.

After reviewing bids received for the old snowplow, the village accepted an offer from Four Some Storage of Buda for $6,676. The next closest bid was $5,555. The village will transfer the title and accept the amount before the weekend is out.

Village Mayor Jeff Bitting also informed the council that village Superintendent Duane Roberts says the village’s big water pump needs some repairs. The big pump is making a loud clunking sound when it kicks in to start pushing water through the pipe system. The cost to fix the pump is estimated at $1,400. Roberts believes the clunking sound is the result of a check valve in the process of failing. Board members who have heard the clunking sound said it sounds kind of creepy.

Bitting notified the board he received a complaint text from a concerned neighbor who was awoken by a semi-truck diesel engine running from 5:30 to 7 a.m. on a recent morning. Bitting said he forwarded the complaint to the village police officer who will speak to the owner of the truck.

At the conclusion of formal business, council members expressed surprise the village had no business to transact regarding payment of bills.

Village treasurer Virginia Bollinger said after seeing the results of the more recent snow removal effort, it is obvious the village of Buda has the best cleaned streets in Illinois. She said that was because the village had a good snowplow and a good a man behind the plow. In a related development, the village office also received calls from several Sheffield residents interested about the new Buda snow plow.

Looking back on the board’s work over the past year, Bitting said he was pleased about getting the ATV ordinance passed. He added the ordinance seems to be working as expected. The mayor also expressed gratitude the water treatment grant process is progressing and hasn’t stalled on anything. He also noted he is more than happy that a pedestrian walk over the railroad tracks on Main Street was completed within the past two weeks.

Bitting said he was displeased about losing the supplemental grant to aid in the water project this year, but the village understood it was long shot.

Village board plans for the near future are to get over all the hurdles necessary to get the new well up and serving the community by 2015. The mayor also hopes to see the railroad track crossing issue on Main Street resolved in 2014.

Lastly, board member Pete DeFreezer noted has he never seen a board and mayor that worked so well together. He sees the village being able to tackle further tasks as needed.

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