Bradford Junior High School honor roll

Bradford Junior High School lists its honor roll students for the second quarter of the 2013-2014 school year.

Honor Roll

Eighth Grade

Straight A’s: Delaney Kazubowski.

High Honors: Ashley Estes, Delaney Johnston, Mark Painger Jessica Sears, and Kendra Selby.

Honors: Lizbeth Corral, Elizabeth Horack, Wyatt Schupp, Ethan Scott, Emma Slichenmyer, and Gabe Stahl.

Seventh Grade

Straight A’s: Lea Fisher and Maggie Rouse.

High Honors: Jacob Dries, Noah Kazubowski, Faith Moody, Chase Stahl, Jessica Wright.

Honors: Maile Abella, Jack Atkins, Natalie Murphy, Garrett Scott, Abby Stotler, and Katelyn Unger.

Sixth Grade

Straight A’s: Jordan Holmberg.

High Honors: McKenzie Coleman and Abigail Wall.

Honors: Arianna Ferman, Isaac Stahl and Colby Wall.