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Bradford Schools awards

Published: Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 1:02 p.m. CST

First Semester



Citizenship: Ella Beach and Sophia McFadden.

Effort: Kian Rasmussen and Jayden Heartt.

Penmanship: Rose Krider and Riggens Shafer.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter): Sean Kendall, Oliver Stabler and Haylie Moodie.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester): Sean Kendall and Oliver Stabler.

Math Award: Rose Krider, Riggens Shafer, Sean Kendall, Oliver Stabler, Haylie Moodie, Jack Morman, Areyana Hedgepath and Ella Beach.

First Grade

Citizenship: Alexis Logan.

Effort: Abby Peterson, Kaden Rasmussen and Adrienna Stutler.

Penmanship: Rosa Ramos and Chelsey Stotler.

Young Author: Marina Fisher-Smith and Kaden Wall.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter): Alexis Logan.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester): Alexis Logan.

Math Award: Hailey Peterson and Tristan Porter.

Second Grade

Citizenship: Gage Winter, Lily TerBush and C.J. Bailey.

Effort: Gage Winter, Lily TerBush, Connor Scott, Nolan Colgan, Andrew Liggett and C.J. Bailey.

Penmanship: Connor Scott and Lily TerBush.

Young Author:  Breckyn Birkett.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter):  Breckyn Birkett.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester):  Breckyn Birkett.

Math Award:  Connor Scott and C.J. Bailey.

Third Grade

Citizenship: Trinity Durbin, Chelo Perez, Sierra Mueller and Colby Stotler.

Effort: Chelo Perez and Trinity Durbin.

Penmanship: Lily Attteberry and Violet Krider.

Young Author: Lily Atteberry and Violet Krider.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter): Charlie Rouse.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester): Charlie Rouse.

Special Math Award: Samuel Rouse.

Fourth Grade

Citizenship: Lani Fisher and Tobias Stahl.

Effort: Jenae Sears and Isaac Yanez.

Penmanship: Avery Whittle and Sydney Goard.

Young Author: Isaac Yanez and Tobias Stahl.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter): Morgan Coleman, Sydney Goard, Lane Moodie, Meranda Schaeffer, Jenae Sears and Payton Stahl.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester): Jenae Sears and Payton Stahl.

Math Award: Morgan Coleman, Ian Hengl, Meranda Schaeffer, Jenae Sears and Payton Stahl.

Fifth Grade

Citizenship: Ivy Hengl and Christopher Walker.

Effort: Jordan Atkins and Jacob Bickett.

Penmanship: Marli Walsh.

Young Author: Kylie Stabler and Alexis Perez.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter): Konner Kubiak, Kyle Peterson and Julia Sears, McKenzie Stahl.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester): Kyle Peterson and Julia Sears.

Math Award: Alex Guelde and Whitney Schupp.

Sixth Grade

Citizenship: McKenzie Coleman, Jordan Holmberg, Isaac Stahl, Abigail Wall, Colby Wall and Scott Weir.

Effort: Scott Weir and Annabelle Young.

Young Author: Isaac Stahl and Jordan Holmberg.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter): Jordan Holmberg, Abigail Wall and Colby Wall.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester): Jordan Holmberg, Abigail Wall and Colby Wall.

Math Award: McKenzie Coleman.

Seventh Grade

Citizenship: Natalie Murphy, Jacob Reay, Maggie Rouse and Katelyn Unger.

Effort: Jacob Reay, Katelyn Unger, Jack Atkins and Natalie Murphy.

Young Author: Garrett Scott and Leah Fisher.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter): Noah Kazubowski, Maggie Rouse, Chase Stahl, Kaitlin Vainowski and Corbin Walsh.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester): Noah Kazubowski, Maggie Rouse and Corbin Walsh.

Math Award: Chase Stahl.

Eighth Grade

Citizenship: Lizbeth Corral.

Effort: Cody Minder, Mark Painter and Elizabeth Horack.

Young Author: Gabe Stahl, Jessica Sears and Delaney Kazubowski.

Perfect Attendance (Second Quarter): Andrew Horack, Delaney Kazubowski and Mark Painter.

Perfect Attendance (First Semester): Andrew Horack and Mark Painter.

Math Award: Kendra Selby.

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