BVS Geography Bee

BUDA — Bureau Valley South in Buda recently held its geography bee.

Eighth-grader Austin Catton won the competition by answering “The Island of Madura and Bali are part of which country?” with “Indonesia.” The runner-up was eighth-grader Kurt Bitting.

The geography bee begins in each classroom, fourth through eighth grade. After seven rounds, the top two winners from each class advance to the school bee final competition round with Mae Jaggers, the geography bee coordinator, as moderator.

The 10 finalists were fourth-graders Jason Carrington and William Gross, fifth-graders Damion Davis and Amya Johnson, sixth-graders Troy Blair and Trent DeVenney, seventh-graders Jacob Callahan and Thomas Gosch, and eighth-graders Kurt Bitting and Austin Catton.

Austin will take a written qualifying test to try and qualify for the state level competition.