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How to beat those winter blues?

BCR Editorial staff weighs in on their solutions

Published: Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 3:00 p.m. CDT

We call it the winter blues or cabin fever — those times during the winter season where we find ourselves going a bit stir-crazy, since Mother Nature refuses to allow us outdoors in the brutal and frigid weather.

So what do you do to beat those winter blues? The Bureau County Republican Editorial staff decided to give you their Top 5 lists of how they handle the winter doldrums.

BCR Senior Staff Writer Donna Barker 1. Go to the library. 2. Take a nap. 3. Clean a closet. 4. Bake cookies, but eat only two. 5. Make vacation plans, at least in my mind.

BCR Staff Writer Goldie Currie 1. Think of the sun. 2. Go out to watch movies versus staying in watching movies on the couch. 3. Occupy myself with friends and hobbies. 4. Plan a spring vacation 5. Embrace the snow. At least it doesn't last forever.

BCR Night Editor Lyle Ganther 1. Take a drive to see eagles. 2. Read a book. 3. Go to church. 4. Go sledding. 5. Go to a sporting event.

BCR Sports Editor Kevin Hieronymus 1. Build a fireplace. 2. Go to a game. 3. Watch a game on TV. 4. Play board games. 5. Get a warm blanket.

BCR Copy Editor Sarah Maxwell 1. Play with my dog Nile. He loves to romp around in the snow. 2. Catch up on shows and clear off the DVR. 3. Sit by the fire with a mug of hot tea. 4. Do something different such as going to a Bottle and Brush at Fitzgerald's 5. Take a weekend getaway and see some new scenery.

BCR Associate Editor Rita Roberts 1. Have coffee with my neighbor. 2. Visit with family and friends. 3. Bake a cake or cookies. 4. Try a new recipe for supper. 5. Watch a movie.

BCR Editor Terri Simon 1. Spend time with a good book/magazine. 2. Cook or bake a new recipe, which also helps heat up the house. 3. Rent a movie or go to a movie with family/friends. 4. Nap! 5. Reorganize and clean cupboards, closets, basements, etc. Ugh!

BCR Design/Graphics Editor Greg Wallace 1. Curse mildly. 2. Sit around in a light-blue, terry-cloth robe and pink, fuzzy slippers sipping cocoa while reading romance novels. 3. Curse more. 4. Learn how to count to five.

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