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Senior Spotlight — Mollie Bates

Published: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 11:50 a.m. CST
(BCR file photo/Mike Vaughn)
PHS senior Mollie Bates says the person with the greatest influence on her life is her mom, because “she’s my go-to for advice, and she always supports me in everything I do."

Name: Mollie Bates.

Nickname: “Molls.”

School: Princeton High School.

Date/place of birth: July 28, 1996, Peru.

Hometown: Princeton.

Family: Dad - Joe, Mom - Jody, brother - Levi, sister - Katie.

Sports: Volleyball and softball.

Favorite sport and why: I really can’t choose. They’ve both given me so many unforgettable memories.

Likes: Ice cream, shopping, babies and weddings.

Dislikes: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, rude people and spiders.

Person with the greatest influence on my athletic career (and why): My dad. He’s always been there for me and pushed me to do my best.

Person with the greatest influence in my life (and why): My mom. She’s my go-to for advice, and she always supports me in everything I do.

If stranded on a deserted island, I would have my: cell phone.

People would be surprised to know: that this week has been the only time in my entire life that I’ve EVER missed a practice or game because of an injury, and it’s absolutely terrible!

I stay home to watch: Law and Order: SVU

When I need luck for a big game, I: talk to my dad and eat a Hershey’s bar.

The funniest person I’ve ever met (and why): Taylor Clark. She says the funniest things out of nowhere.

What they’ll say about me at school after I graduate: “She was a senior?

Most embarrassing moment: When I got two out of the three outs in one inning. I got out at home and then was put in as a pinch runner because I was the last out. Then, I got out at home again. It was the worst!

Most unforgettable moment: The first time my Blaze team won a tournament. I remember everything from that championship game, and getting first was the most satisfying feeling in the world.

Ultimate sports fantasy: Being able to play volleyball and softball with the girls I’ve grown up playing with forever.

What I would like to do in life: Find a job that I really love, travel the world, and have a family.

Three words that best describe myself: Perfectionist, considerate, happy.

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