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Amelia Bystry

This, that and the odder

I frequently receive compliments on my columns. I want to respond by saying, if you lived in the same household I do, you could write columns too. Almost every day there is something truly hilarious that happens in our house that provides me with great material. However, thank you for all your kind words. It means a lot to me.

This winter has been very harsh. The effects of the winter have been good and bad. I read that the nasty Japanese beetles will hopefully not be as plentiful this year. It got so cold out and the ground froze so deep their grubs, with any luck, all died. I’m sure they’ll be back, but a small reprieve would be nice. One of the negative effects has been on the bees. Some of you may know that my mom is a beekeeper. She has been beekeeping for about three years. All of the beekeepers this year have seen big losses in their bees. Most have lost at least 50 percent of their hives. My mom lost more than 75 percent. She will now need to buy new bees.  

As I was driving on the interstate the other day, I was shocked when I started thinking about the speed limit change. Yeah, it’s great you can go faster, and everybody can go 70 mph legally, but have you ever thought about how much the state of Illinois had to spend to raise the speed limit 5 mph? Why is it that important to change the speed limit? People already assume, as an unwritten rule, that you should be safe to drive 5 mph over the limit. I am very careful when it comes to spending my money, and it seems to me like a complete waste to use taxpayers’ dollars on an unnecessary 5 mph speed limit increase. Especially when the state is already broke.

People get in trouble every day in our family. Sometimes it is for something more common like hitting or biting; then there are the humorous things that you would never expect children to do. For Patience’s birthday, she received lots of princess figures. She is very controlling of these items and does not want to share them with anyone. Well, one day they just disappeared, and we couldn’t find them anywhere. We were sure something fishy was going on. The next day Patience came downstairs crying and saying, “Simeon and Faustina are mean.” My mom asked her why, and Patience very loudly explained that there was something on the bottom or her princess figures. It looked a lot like wood.

My mom called for Faustina and Simeon to come downstairs and asked them if they knew what was on the bottom of her figures. They then cautiously explained they had super glued them to the hardwood floor upstairs. Of course, it was the other persons’ fault and idea. My mom was wrathful, but my dad thought it was comical and had to work hard to hide his laughter. After they were sent upstairs, he told my mom she would find it funny some day. We were able to get the princesses off the floor, but we now have figure size chunks of wood out of our floor. Thank goodness they are where nobody will see them.

I am quite sure that my 3-month-old brother is a child prodigy and will grow up to be a professional head lifter upper. Almost everyone who has ever seen him has commented in awe of how well he can lift his head. They will say “Wow look how good he can hold his head up.” My mom and I think it is absolutely hilarious. Is he rather skilled because he can hold up his head? It is the dream of any parent to have an exceptional child, but you would never think that a star would be born for their outstanding muscular skull talent.   
And by the way ... Look out BCR readers! I officially receive my driver’s license on April 24.

Amelia Bystry, 15, resides in rural Princeton. You can contact Amelia at.amelia_bystry@yahoo.com.