Life is Unlimited with Graybill

Club atmosphere works for people with disabilities

PRINCETON — The Unlimited Club got its name because that’s how they view themselves, according to Tammy Graybill.

Graybill runs the Unlimited Club for several area people with disabilities.

The club’s motto is that there are only expectations, never any limitations.

Graybill began working with this group in 2006 through an area agency.

Due to funding cuts a couple years later, programs were discontinued at the agency, and she was no longer employed.

However, some parents asked her to continue working privately with their children, and that’s what she has done.

The Unlimited Club meets Monday through Thursday, as a group, at the First United Presbyterian Church in Princeton, but they don’t spend the whole day inside the church.

They’ve planted flowers at the church and gone for a lot of walks and outings, like bowling and swimming.

They cook. They work on crafts and sometimes watch movies.

Graybill works with club members on budgets and life skills and has helped members on their resumes for job seeking opportunities.

A former corrections officer with the Department of Criminal Justice, Graybill said she enjoys working with the Unlimited Club members because she simply enjoys them as individuals.

She likes the variety of things they do together and likes to teach them different things.

She likes getting them out into the community and going places.

She doesn’t want to see the group confined to a building.

Graybill said there is sometimes the perception that people with disabilities don’t have a lot of abilities, but that’s so far from the truth.

Her club members have proven to her time and time again that they can do anything they set their mind to do, she said.

“Given the guidance, there’s no stopping them,” Graybill said.

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