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Recreational golf

Published: Friday, Aug. 8, 2014 1:15 p.m. CST • Updated: Friday, Aug. 8, 2014 1:22 p.m. CST

Wyaton Hills Wednesday League


LaPorte Mowing 2.5-5

Hillview  2-5

Edward Jones   2-1

Michlig Energy 1.5-1.5

Princeton Redi Mix  1-2

Wyaton Hills    0-3

Flag events

Allan Kerber long putt #7

John Eden closest to the pin #7

Outstanding shots

Carl Prokes birdie #2, Max Jr. birdie on #2, Denny Miller birdie #3, Greg Stocking birdie #4, Bob Carlson birdie #2, Allan Kerber birdie #9

Low gross

Denny Miller and Ron Cordum 37

Low net

Ron Cordum and Jeff Stocking 30

Wyaton Hills Thursday Girls League


Ranchitos Senoritas  3-0

McCall Chiropractic 2-1

Flour House  2-1

Wyaton Hills 1-2

Bay Electric  1-2

White Way  0-3

Flag Events

Anna Flaig long putt #2, Judy Farley Long putt #9

Low gross

Carol Towne 46

Low net

Katy Olds 33

Spring Creek Ladies League

July 23

Play of the Day: Low Gross

Class A: 1: H. Koppens/M. Schmidt

Class B: 1: B. Mertes, E. Jacons, S. Olszewski

Class C: 1 L. Potthoff. 2 J. Wis

Regular Play

Class A: Low Gross: Koppens/Schmidt. Low Net: Schmidt. Low Putts: K. Potthoff

Class B: Low Gross: Mertes/Olszewski/Jacobs. Low Net: Olszewski/T.Wiesbrock. Low Putts: Mertes/Jacobs/Weisbrock.

Class C: Low Gross: L. Potthoff. Low Net: L. Potthoff. Low Putts: D. Seremak. Birds: Yuvan #9, Schmidt #6, J. Scheri #5.

Wyaton Hills Wednesday Men's League

Edward Jones  3-1

laporte Mowing   2.5-1-5

Michlig Energy   2.5-1.5

Hillview   2-2

Princeton Redi Mix   2-2

Wyaton Hills    0-4

Outstanding hits birdies

Todd Chastain  #7

Greg Stocking #2, 3, 4

Scott Underwood, birdie on #6

Ron Cordum #6, 7, 9

Eagle on #4 Troy Torri

Low gross Ron Cordum  35

Low net Scott Stoller  27

Wyaton Hills Ladies Thursday League

Ranchitos Senoritas   3-1

McCall Chiropractic   3-1

Four House   2-2

Wyaton Hills 2-2

White Way    0-4

Flag events

Michelle Coble long putt on 31

Nancy Bland closest 2nd shot on # 6

low gross Michelle Coble 42

low net Marcia Burress 26

Hidden Lake Ladies League

Aug. 6, guest day

Front Side

A Flight

1. Indian Hills: Bonnie Skaggs, Jan Martin, Joyce Goodrich, Jill Nielsen. 2. Hidden Lake: Ruth Hix, Sara Sierens, Sandy (Mark) Crosby, Marcia Hix (9 card back)

B Flight

1. Hidden Lake: Carlene Hebel, Virginia Moore, Peggy Maes, Pat Corwin. 2. Baker Park: Diana Lewis, Linda Jacobs, Jeannette Gerleman, Sherry Moon

C Flight: 1. Hidden Lake: Dorine Motley, Deb Bowen, Mae Britt, Vickie Hoogerwerf (card back). 2. Hidden Lake: Karen MacNaughten, Maggie Mangold, Cherri Smith, Judy Ferris.

Back Side

A Flight

1. Hidden Lake: Karen Taylor, Patsy DeFauw, Luanne Coppejans, Sandy (John) Crosby  (card back). 2. Prophet Hills: Shelly Felske, Karen Wiersema, Kris Zschiersche, Corrie Kelly.

B Flight

1. Hidden Lake: Kathy Lanham, Marlene Huseman, Sally Riley, Shirley Lewis. 2. Baker Park: Carol Blake, Sue Heberer, Cathy Maquire, Nancy Ericson

C Flight

1. Maple Bluff: Donna Gradert, Jan VanKerrebroeck, Barb Specht, Connie Driessens. 2. Chapel Hill: Kathy Johnson, Joan Shea, Becky May, Irene Spaulding


Golf bag and accessories donated by The Barn: Deb Bowen. Girl golf statue: Nancy Ericson. Cooler with goodies - cooler donated by Peoples National Bank - Judy Leamy. 50/50 was won by Peggy Maes.

Third round of club championship will be Aug. 13 and final round will be Aug. 20.

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