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Dalzell issues burn warning

Published: Friday, Aug. 22, 2014 12:59 p.m. CST • Updated: Friday, Aug. 22, 2014 3:12 p.m. CST

DALZELL — Dalzell residents are reminded to think safety and follow village fire procedures when it comes to burning fires on their properties.

If anyone is going to be burning a large brush pile, fence row, large bonfire or anything other than normal yard waste this fall, there are several things that are recommended, Dalzell Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Rich Croissant said.

First of all, residents should call BuEComm at 815-872-1420 to let them know of the burn and where it is located, Croissant said. Calling BuEComm will help BuEComm know not to page the Dalzell Fire Department if they get a call from the non-resident of the burn, he said.

Also, the resident conducting the burn should have extinguishing materials, such as a garden hose and tools, ready in case the fire gets out of control, Croissant said. Residents should not burn near buildings to limit the risk of those buildings catching fire. They should not burn things on days when the wind is more than 15 miles per hour. Residents should not use flammable liquids, such as gas or diesel, to start the fire due to the fast ignition which can cause injuries.

Also, a fire should never be left unattended, Croissant said.

“If it is left unattended and BuEComm pages the Dalzell Fire Department that no one is near the fire per their protocol, we will respond and extinguish the fire,” Croissant said. “If, when we arrive, the person responsible for the fire returns, the situation will dictate whether we extinguish the fire or not. If the person is willing to control and stay with fire, then we will let it burn unless it will affect life safety or threatening nearby buildings or other materials that burn.”

Every situation will be different and determined by the fire officer that is command of the Incident. Also, some people may want the fire extinguished, so they don’t have to continue to watch it, he said.

Looking ahead to the coming fall season, the assistant fire chief said there are many factors which play a role in how active a burning season it may be for the Dalzell Fire Department.

“But the biggest factor is human error. With that said, people tend to underestimate how fast a fire grows and moves. According to national studies, given the right conditions, fires double in size every minute they are left uncontained,” Croissant said.

Hopefully, with the effort of informing the general public about fire safety and when to burn and when not to, this may help curb some burns that will need fire departments to respond to, Croissant said.

“Recent history and the dry conditions all point to a busy fall season for local fire departments, as a few have already had some fires,” he said.

Specifically in Dalzell, burning is allowed Monday through Saturday with all fires to be completely extinguished at dusk. No burning is allowed on Sunday.

The Dalzell Fire Department is willing to help residents burn any areas and will stand by while the material is burned, Croissant said. The fire department is committed to providing the utmost safety information to the resident, he added.

These fire safety recommendations are not limited to Dalzell but for all Bureau County residents, Croissant said.

For further information or assistance, Croissant can be contacted at 815-980-4674 or dalzellfire@yahoo.com.

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