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Letters to the Editor

The missing links

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” ... 75 percent of Americans identify with a Christian religion.

The very first verse of the Bible states: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The theory of evolution puts forth: In the beginning there was nothing; there was no time, no matter, no space, no intelligence, nothing. And out of nothing, out of nowhere, without intelligence came everything.

Do you remember being told fairytales when you were young? What are the missing links in these two sentences? Intelligence itself is one of them. Logic, reason, and common sense are missing too. Even Einstein had an unsettling in his spirit when he discovered matter wasn’t eternal, that there was a beginning, and that there might be an all-powerful supreme being to whom he might be held accountable.

A famous evolutionist was once asked, “Where did the Big Bang come from?” Gary Parker shares the evolutionist’s response. “You know; if somebody asks you where mass energy came from, just ask them where God came from.” Gary said, “I think he really said something much more meaningful than he thought. Either mass energy is eternal, or God is eternal. Well, science has taught us a lot about mass energy. One of the things is that it wears out. Mass energy being eternal doesn’t make sense at all. God being eternal does make sense.”

Things do not make themselves. Something as simple as a tapestry shows the creativeness of its creator. Before there could be a bridge there had to be an architect designer. Art museums give evidence to many great artists. The highways, bridges, railroads, airports, ships, skyscrapers, channels, all show the creativity of intelligent people building on the previous intelligence and discoveries of those who had gone before them. The first law of thermodynamics and the second law of thermodynamics show the foolishness of evolution. So often the focus on missing links is on the molecule to man foolish theory. But what animal did the hummingbird evolve from a cow, a platypus, a skunk, a giraffe, a mosquito, a hippopotamus?

Evolution theories have millions of missing links because there is no evidence of one kind of anything turning into another kind. What are the missing links in our government, our school systems, our churches, our relationships, our work places? Are they not grace, truth, love, holiness, moral integrity, the principles taught in the Scriptures? All of man’s complex transportation systems do not compare to the complex creation of the universe with all its diversity created by the supreme creator who has revealed Himself through nature and Scriptures.

We observe changes within a kind but never one kind of anything changing into another kind. Evolution is a false theory with destructive consequences. It is not observable, repeatable, testable, empirical science. Why then, if 75 percent of Americans identify with a Christian religion do we have a secular school system that adamantly opposes God, Creation and the teaching of Christian principles?    

Ted Roberts


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