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<p>(BPT) - Don&rsquo;t worry, Mom. In this case, it&rsquo;s OK to play with your food. The latest online social media craze features awe-inspiring galleries of edible art, showcasing everyday ingredients transformed into munchable holiday masterpieces.</p><p>This season, whether you&rsquo;re looking to revamp the relish tray or simply keep the kids occupied with a fun project, a few holiday-friendly staples are all you need to let your creativity take flight.</p><p>Take, for instance, California black ripe olives. Known for their versatility and mild flavor, black olives are a party favorite for a reason. And with 95 percent of the nation&rsquo;s ripe olives grown on family farms in California, they&rsquo;re a truly all-American ingredient, too. They&rsquo;re also the perfect building block for edible holiday treats.</p><p>Get in on the fun with an easy and adorable-to-look-at recipe that uses black olives, cream cheese, pretzels and a few other common ingredients to create an unforgettable herd of holiday cheer. In fact, this is one reindeer game anyone can play.</p><p>For more holiday recipe ideas featuring California ripe olives, visit <a href="http://www.calolive.org" rel="nofollow">www.calolive.org</a>.</p><p>California Olive Reindeer</p><p>Makes 8 reindeer</p><p>Supplies:</p><p>2- 4 Won ton wrappers</p><p>Cooking spray</p><p>2 Sandwich-sized reclosable plastic bags</p><p>4 ounces cream cheese</p><p>Scissors</p><p>8 colossal California Black Ripe Olives</p><p>8 large California Black Ripe Olives</p><p>1 bamboo skewer</p><p>16 pretzel sticks</p><p>Paring knife</p><p>Tiny pieces of carrot and raisins</p><p>Powdered sugar (optional)</p><p>Kale (optional)</p><p>Mushrooms (optional)</p><p>Directions:</p><p>With a small, sharp knife, cut wonton wrappers into &ldquo;antlers.&rdquo; Place on a baking sheet and coat with cooking spray. Bake for 3 to 5 minutes at 350 F, or until lightly browned. Place cream cheese into two sandwich-sized reclosable bags. Snip 1/8-inch off the corner of one and 1/16-inch off the second. With the bag and the 1/8-inch hole, squeeze cream cheese into colossal olives. Using a bamboo skewer, make a hole in the large olives. Break a pretzel stick in half and press into hole and into colossal olive. Press together to form the head. Make four holes in the colossal olive with a bamboo skewer and push four broken pretzel sticks in to form legs. Squeeze cream cheese with the small-hole to form eyes. Make tiny slits with a paring knife in the top of the head and insert wonton antlers. Make a hole in the large olive (head) and insert a small sliver of carrot for the nose. Use a small piece of raisin to create pupils.</p><p>To create a winter setting, dust kale leaves with powdered sugar and snip the tops off mushrooms to simulate large boulders.</p> <img src='http://www.brandpointcontent.com/printsite/ImageWriter.ashx?articleid=17812&memberid=8729' border='0' width='1' height='1' />

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