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Birthday announcements

Birthday announcements will be published only for individuals 50 years or older, in increments of five years (50th, 55th, 60th). For individuals 90 and older, yearly announcements may be run.

Photos need not be submitted, but should be studio-quality black/white or high-quality color. If the reproduction quality is inadequate, the photo will not be published.

If you already have an announcement composed, you may send it either in the body of an e-mail or as an attachment to Please include a name and contact information for the person submitting the announcement, in case clarification is needed.

If you would like to submit a picture with your announcement, you may either include it in the e-mail as an attachment or drop it off at the Bureau County Republican, 800 Ace Road, Princeton, or mail it to: Bureau County Republican, P.O. Box 340, Princeton, IL 61356.

For questions or further clarification, contact us at 815-875-4461, or at

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If you have a photo you would like published with this please e-mail it first to the following address separate from this form. Please remember to include your name and what it is for.

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