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formerbulldog regarding Pension reform and teachers
I agree that revisions to benefits for those already retired is not right. However the system is not sustainable as it presently is so changes have to be made. If you are 45 or under then you should be forced to adjust so the system can continue to fund future teachers. The young people who are avoiding teaching as a profession are doing so not only because the state has failed. They are also avoiding going into teaching because to many current teachers and their unions are fighting only for their own retirement and not for the future. Selfish behavior is never good for a profession.
thinkaboutit regarding The EPA and ethanol
The government (the EPA in this case) shouldn't be in the business to force a market for ANY product! We use corn for food, etc, there is a demand for it and if the supply outweighs the demand, the price drops. The same thing happens in EVERY market. Growing up on a farm and later working on a farm, I understand the need for farmers and I am in no way trying to degrade the industry, but why are we still using the age old argument that our farmers are broke? I will leave it at that.
d_wooden regarding The EPA and ethanol
Boy did I have to laugh at the line that said corn prices are already BELOW production cost..... all those new pickups, tractors and combines are telling me a whole different side of that story. Corn prices rocketed a few years ago and everyone jumped on the bandwagon wanting to make money. Fertilizer prices jumped, production cost jumped....all for the need for ethanol production collection points. I look at this and just think of it as a 'market correction point'. Corn prices jumped so high that beef and pork production got hurt...I don't see this change as being bad just an adjustment
thinkaboutit regarding Wood burner ordinance under fire
What would these folks have done if they lived in an era when everyone burnt wood for heat?
BureauGuy regarding The EPA and ethanol
I'm willing to listen to arguments that Ethanol increases the price of fuel or food, but statistics don't back that story. Ethanol has been cheaper over 90% of every day in the past 5 years, by more than 30 cents per gallon. http://www.cmegroup.com/ . Today, Dec. 3, it is 96 cents cheaper than gas. With no mileage reduction at lower blend levels (E10-E20), that's straight savings; Not to mention reducing demand and lowering price of oil/gasoline. Who were your top 'recipients' of the 'EtOH blenders credit' that no longer exists? I'll give you a hint? Exxon, Shell, BP. Just another oil subsidy
d_wooden regarding Barbara Pierson
Rest in Peace Barb. I just told your boy last night that you were a very special woman. My grandfather always said that the best a person could do is leave this world a better place than it was when he/she came into it....you have indeed done that. Thank you!
formerbulldog regarding Board reaches Reagan decision
I have serious doubts about this being the right decision but still you must keep an open mind. You stated that you could not find one comment about additional revenue. However, paragraph #5 lists additional revenue (thru lease agreements)that could/would bring in between $50,000.00 and $56,000.00 per year. Is this guaranteed revenue? of course not, nothing is, but there is mention of revenue in the article. I agree with you about the savings part of your argument. I still believe a community school in Tiskilwa that puts fewer kids on buses everyday makes more sense IMO
cardinals11 regarding This, that and the odder
amelia: i read your commentary in the BCR with interest. it is a rare column that gets my attention and holds it for so long. since i have a touch of PTSD, this is even more remarkable. hope you continue your writing into high school and college.i believe a future in writing etc. is very possible. your structure and organization puts many open forums i have read to shame. good luck to you in the future...
Living in Reality regarding The EPA and ethanol
RC: Are you sure you want to say that living in an agricultural area? More demand for corn (created by ethanol) creates better prices for the people in your community (the farmers), reducing reliance on the oil companies (who have been recording record profits AND still receive government subsidies) and leaving more money in our community. If you think the farmers around you are making too much money, we'll be more than happy to put you on a train to Chicago. Look up the price of a new tractor sometime, then tell me why the American farmer couldn't use some more income.
Reality Checker regarding The EPA and ethanol
Drill for oil to burn. Plant corn for food.