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From the editor’s desk

Posted on November 17, 2014 - 13:07:00

My still-green lawn turned a milky shade of white this past weekend, and the sidewalks and driveways were even whiter. Ugh! I’m not a fan of snow, as most of you know, but Purrcee, my nearly 7-month-old mini GoldenDoodle, tried her best to make me a believer this weekend.

The bitter temperatures and snow didn’t phase her a bit, and as I stood shivering outside with her, she attempted to catch every snowflake in her little puppy mouth, rolled over and over in the snow and completely disregarded the below freezing temperatures. While the snow made me groan, her antics did make me laugh ... right out loud. I’m learning every day that I could take some lessons from my beloved little puppy.


I got my flu shot and a pneumonia shot this past weekend. I’m a big proponent of flu shots. As I was sitting there waiting to be stuck, I was thinking a good marketing plan to get folks in to get their flu shot would be to include another shot (of whiskey, Scotch or tequila) for everyone who comes in for their flu shot. I bet we’d see flu shot sales skyrocket. The benefits would be two-fold: 1. The flu shot wouldn’t hurt at all, and 2. More people would get that flu shot, which would make all of us healthier. What do you think? Maybe next year I’ll start a “Shot for a Shot” campaign.


I attended last weekend’s Celebrate Sheffield event, and I was tickled to see all the folks enjoying a good, old-fashioned family time. I know Christmas in the Valley was held last weekend too, and this weekend, you can enjoy Princeton’s Christmas Open House, “Believe In The Magic.” Please try to patronize your hometown and neighboring communities during these events. Local folks work very hard to put these events together, and I think you’ll find there’s something for all ages to enjoy there.


On behalf of the Bureau County Republican and myself, I’d like to extend congratulations to St. Louis Catholic School on its 50-year anniversary and to Hall High School on its 100-year anniversary. It’s difficult to fathom all the education and opportunities that have come from within the wall of those two highly-respected schools.

Speaking of schools, BCR Staff Writer Zita Henneberry is working on an ongoing series about the Illinois Report Cards each public school in the state received. On Saturday, she featured Princeton High School, and she’ll continue to highlight every public school in Bureau County. It’s really interesting reading, so look for them in upcoming editions of the BCR.


Occasionally I will get a letter (usually unsigned) or a voice mail, where people are convinced we work hard to keep some police beats out of the newspaper. I get called awful names by these folks, who are sure I have time to sift through all the police beats and weed out a particular name of someone who committed a crime.

Let me assure you that even if I had the time to do so, I would never keep someone’s name out of the newspaper. Doing so would compromise not only my own integrity and credibility, but also the integrity and credibility of this newspaper.

The BCR can only print those police reports we are given by the county’s police/sheriff departments. There can be a host of reasons why a police/sheriff department does not automatically furnish us with a police report. We respect those reasons, since many times it could compromise ongoing investigations.

Bottom line is we publish every police report we receive. End of story.


Thanksgiving is just a little more than a week away. Please try to do your Thanksgiving shopping locally. And in those late night hours, when you are alone with your thoughts, why not start making that mental list of all the things for which you are thankful. And remember ... you are important to me and the BCR.

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